Ets Parmentelat, Bleaching and textile finishing

installed in the high Vosges (Costet Beillard in Gerardmer)
Sociéte Parmentelat comes from the long tradition of textile Vosges.
It has been created in 1958 by René Parmentelat although the activity started early as the 1900s by bleaching in the fields.
Over the years and generations, the company has Parmentelat invest and innovate for new markets and offer its customers services consistent with their needs and expectations.
It is in a very family that 32 people are involved to make a perfect job for all clients who trust Parmentelat society for many years.


Gone are the days of bleaching on meadow where were extended pieces of fabric to launder.
Over the years the institutions have been able to modernize Parmentelat and have expanded their machinery by investing in high performance equipment and almost unique in France, as a merceriseuse to meet the demand of our very demanding clientele.
For several years, we whiten with products referenced OEKOTEX GOTS and respecting the treatment standards for organic fabrics, all products used comply with the REACH regulation.
We launder all fibers and our machine park is equipped to handle web widths of 60cms to 325 cms.
One of the main activities of the institution is to mercerizing article upscale hotels. Mercerizing is a treatment that gives tissues dimensional stability and a shiny appearance.
We can treat the fabrics to the width 340cms ecru, mercerizing of 325cms in width over and we are making pigment dyeing to the width 325cms.

Different treatments made ​​in our factory


Chemical primers:                                Primers lifts:
- Anti stain                                                - sanforising
- Anti mite                                                - Calendering
- Anti mosquito
- Anti-bacterial
- Anti mold
- Easy care
- Stain release
- Teflon


Since 1986 we treat all our waste through a biological treatment plant.
This infrastructure is capable of handling 720m3 water, 3700 kg and 1850 kg COD BOD5 per day.
We outsource the operation of the WWTP.
We carry samples input and output of the station 24 hours, this way we can detect and correct any drift very quickly.
Since April 2012, we set up a tertiary treatment step output to refine the treatment of certain parameters.

This results in a biological treatment sludge production compatible liquids for use in agriculture. Our entire production of sludge in agriculture is thus valued on plots made ​​available by farmers. The quality control and monitoring of sludge agronomic sprayings are made ​​by the Chamber of Agriculture.


AOC industrial

If for centuries, textiles and are persisted in the Vosges, it is primarily through the Vosges Natural Resources:
- The force of the water that allowed the establishment of the textile industry in the Massif.
- The purity of the water that allowed the birth and the development of techniques for finishing.
Textile is a tradition in the Vosges. A tradition born of natural assets specific Massif.
Over the centuries, talent and innovation have allowed manufacturers to transform these assets into real knowledge, to build a reputation nationally recognized.
A picture of an AOC which guarantees a close link between the product, the terroir and the knowledge of man, Vosges, Earth ® fabric is the guarantee of the authenticity of the coating.
Institutions and actors Parmentelat members of this new label you are enjoying their expertise of over 90 years of experience in the finishing of fabrics.




90, chemin des Granges Bas


Tel: 03 29 63 39 12

Fax: 03 29 63 19 48



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